Thursday, December 17, 2009

Press Releases-They Lead to Free Advertising

A press release, or news release, is simply a bit of tantalizing information that you send off to the media. It tells them why they shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention you in their next newspaper or magazine edition, their next podcast, radio or TV broadcast, or their website
e-zine or blog. You write the press release, and you send it. If the recipient likes what you wrote, off it goes into print, broadcast, or over the worldwide web.

Your press releases can round up publicity that money simply cannot buy.

Here are six examples of what publicity can do for you:

1. Publicity brings you wedding business—
It has the power to increase traffic to your website, make your phone ring off the hook, and fill your email inbox with inquiries.

2. Publicity can get the word out about your musical abilities
cheaper than paying for advertisements (and often, withmore media coverage).

3. Publicity turns you into a wedding music expert.
Brides who read and hear about you will be convinced that you are a professional worth hiring. They will believe that you have a good reputation and shine above your competition.

4. Publicity gives your clients and your potential clients a chance to know more about you.
It gives them the opportunityto examine you and your talents beyond the carefully crafted information in your brochures.

5. Publicity for “ good works” makes you look good in your immediate community and among your musician peers.
Besides, brides like to hire nice people.

6. Publicity gives you credentials.
Forever after you appear in a column of “Modern Bride”, you can quote the writer directly in all your PR literature. Instant testimonials!

7. Publicity can bring you fantastic performing opportunities
that you would have never received without the media exposure.

Are you hesitant to get the word out that you are available to play at weddings? If you are new to performing for pay, it’s understandable that you may not feel comfortable tooting your own horn. The solutionis to think of things in this way: by sending out press releases, you are doing a great service for brides by helping them find you. You are also helping the media reach those brides—You’re supplying them with interesting information about you and your music.

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