Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to Package and Price Your Services

Design three basic performance packages.

Why three? Read below:

The Highest Cost Package—
This contains your most performance time available for a wedding and all extra services you’re willing to provide. Because it’s your premium package, you’ll want to price it as such.

The Lowest Cost Package—
This enables brides who have very small weddings or very small budgets to afford your services. This package is your minimum—your minimum of how much time you will perform and the minimum of what the bride can afford to pay you. This package is the answer to the bride’s question of, “What is your minimum?”

The Best Value Package—
This package is in the middle of your price range. When a cost-conscious bride finds out that there isn’t that much included in your lowest cost package, she’ll be willing to pay a little more to receive more value.

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